The costume contest is always the "big attraction" of the picnic.

We can't wait to see what you've come up with for this year's contest! Always a good time!

It is free, and there is no registration.  The contest begins at 2:45pm, and is held on the basketball courts.  This is the best of all possible places in the park to see the dogs, and there are also bleachers set up so others can watch as well.  We know it's July, and we know it gets hot, so once your doxie is dressed up, we ask all contestants to stand on the grass SURROUNDING the courts.  The judges will stay on the court, and make our way around to see everyone.  If you think we missed you, please let us know.  It gets very crowded and very hectic and we don't want to leave anyone out.  If anyone wants to take his or her own pictures, we ask you to please stay on the court as well, but please let the judges through to see the costumes when we come by. 

Doxies are judged in the following categories: 

  • Best Male
  • Best Female
  • Best Group (2 or more)
  • Grand Champion

Prizes will be given out for first, second, and third places for all categories, except the grand champion.  Those prizes include ribbons for second and third place and trophies for all first place winners. The grand champion is given to the best of all costumes, individual or group. 

If you are among the winners, we will need to get your name, your dog's name, and where you are from, so we can post the photos and information on this web site. 

We try to see all dogs and base our decisions on effort, style, and how unique the costume is.  Keep in mind, "unique" does not mean "complicated", sometimes very simple costumes win.

Remember, this is for fun.  If your dog does not win, please don't get angry.

We appreciate everyone for entering, and all of the effort involved in this.  It truly makes this picnic very special!