This picnic started out as a small gathering of folks and their dogs in a backyard in North Royalton, OH in 1998. Since everyone had fun, a small group of folks decided to try again the next year in Canton.

From there the picnic moved to Akron’s Hardesty Park for two years.

Since 2002, the picnic has been held at Plum Creek Park in Kent.

From 1998 through 2009, the picnic grew in size and popularity.  In 2009 we set a picnic record with nearly 900 people and their dogs!  Since then, we have averaged between 400 and 500 picnic guests per year.  Most of the people come are from northeast Ohio, but people have also come from neighboring states and we even had guests from as far away as Florida and Arizona!

According to some people who travel to events like this, our picnic is among the largest in the country.