We have some things you need to know if you are coming to the NEOD picnic.


1. Have Fun: This is a social event, so please mix and mingle, and talk to other dog owners.  You'll find we are always willing to talk about our four legged family members.

2. Please Pick Up After Your Pooch:  We rent the park every year, and would like to keep coming back, so please pick up after your dogs.  We have plenty of bags scattered throughout the park which you can use, and there are plenty of trash cans.  We would like to leave a poopy-free park when we're done.

3. You Are Responsible For Your Dog's Actions:  If you have a dog that can be snippy, or likes to bite, please warn others.  Dogs MUST BE ON A LEASH AT ALL TIMES when they are not in a cage or contained area.  There are lots of cars coming in and out of the park, so please don't let your dogs wander off.

4. Parking Can Be A Bit Trying:  You can basically park anywhere, as long as it doesn't block the road going around the park, or the main entrance area.  We must keep a lane clear in case there is an emergency.  Just be patient.  We're all there to have fun, and activities start later in the afternoon, so you won't miss anything.

5. No Selling Of Dogs Is Allowed:  One of the purposes of this event is to promote dachshund rescue.  If you are looking for a new addition to the family, there are rescue groups you can talk to.  Every year some people come who may breed dachshunds on their own.  We don't mind if you talk to these people, just don't conduct any dog or money exchanges at the park.  If we see anyone selling dogs, we will ask them to leave (that's only happened once in 19 years, so people are pretty good about this).

6. If You Have A Question Please Ask:  We are here to make sure you have a good time, so if you have any questions about anything going on, let us know.

7. NEOD Consists Of A Small Group Of Volunteers:  We don't get paid for this, we do it because it's fun.  All money we collect goes towards park rental, insurance, expenses, prizes, etc... Any money we do make, we try to put back into the picnic to make improvements for the next year.  If you have suggestions, let us know!

8. No Alcoholic Beverages Are Allowed:  This is a family event.  You can bring your own food and drink, but we will also serve fresh grilled hot dogs, and ice cold soda and water.  We also encourage guests to bring water for their dogs.  It's July, and it gets hot.  We will have some watering bowls set up, but bring some for your four-legged friend just to make sure.




Our big draw is the costume contests.  It is free, and there is no registration.  Just dress up your doxie, and bring them over to the basketball court during the contest times.

Prizes are awarded for the following:

Costume Grand Champion: The best of the best, either group or individual.

Best Group: First, Second, and Third place awards.

Best Male: First, Second, and Third awards.

Best Female: First, Second, and Third awards.

We also hand out prizes for non-costume related contests:

Longest Mini, Longest Standard, Oldest Dachshund, and Farthest Traveled Weiner (owners need ID to show where they came from).  We do not give awards for youngest dachshund, because we don't want people bringing very young puppies to the picnic.